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Thank you for making my dance experience a heart-warming and memorable experience, albeit it only being a short one.  The friendly and warm gesture by everyone at the academy really made it a less foreign place to me- one who’s new to both the sport and Thai culture/environment.  I regret for not being able to become part of the close-knitted BIDA family, and further develop on the skill BIDA had graciously and beautifully introduced to me.  I thank BIDA for bringing a childhood fantasy that I once thought, would only remain within the capacity of my imagination, to reality.

To someone like me who has never witnessed ballroom dancing in real life, every other dance I witnessed in BIDA was yet another fairytale come to life.  All the best to all your endeavors in life, and I’ll never forget the once in a life time, almost magical experience I have here.

Love and best wishes