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Dancing is used to be the scary thing to me because I always had bad experience in dancing class when I was young. However, I was advised by my mum and friends to join dancing class at Bangkok International Dance Academy (BIDA).  After taking a few class at BIDA, it can make me change my bad perception about dancing. Therefore it’s quite unbelievable that I've been taking ballroom and Latin dancing classes here for a year.

At the first time I stepped into this academy, I can feel the warm welcoming atmosphere.  The place is very clean and people there are very nice.   I would say it’s a great school for all ages. The academy provides wide range of dancing class from ballroom, Latin to modern dance. The staffs are really nice and helpful. The instructors are high caliber and professional dancers who are awarded from many international competitions.  After taking class with my talented instructor for a few months, it’s not only dancing capability I get but also the good progress in term of health and personality.

To sum up, you don’t’ need to or wish to be the professional dancer but just want to dance or learn the new thing or even just to have work out. I would recommend you to join BIDA.