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"At BIDA, everyone is so friendly and I always feel at home being there.  Dancing had made me feel so much more confident and I always had great time learning.  You have opened my mind to so much more than dancing and I am so honored to have had you as a teacher.  Thank you for your patience and never giving up on me."


Thank you for making my dance experience a heart-warming and memorable experience, albeit it only being a short one.  The friendly and warm gesture by everyone at the academy really made it a less foreign place to me- one who’s new to both the sport and Thai culture/environment.  I regret for not being able to become part of the close-knitted BIDA family, and further develop on the skill BIDA had graciously and beautifully introduced to me.  I thank BIDA for bringing a childhood fantasy that I once thought, would only remain within the capacity of my imagination, to reality.

To someone like me who has never witnessed ballroom dancing in real life, every other dance I witnessed in BIDA was yet another fairytale come to life.  All the best to all your endeavors in life, and I’ll never forget the once in a life time, almost magical experience I have here.

Love and best wishes


"Thought that I would take only one month, but it turned out for 9 months. I don't know that do I like it because of my teacher, the school or the dance? but I always overwhelming feel that I will meet a good teacher, good friend and nice place like home when I get here everyday and it will be continuously do.

-Naylinya Chappanapong

Advocacy and Communication Manager Plan International

Dancing is used to be the scary thing to me because I always had bad experience in dancing class when I was young. However, I was advised by my mum and friends to join dancing class at Bangkok International Dance Academy (BIDA).  After taking a few class at BIDA, it can make me change my bad perception about dancing. Therefore it’s quite unbelievable that I've been taking ballroom and Latin dancing classes here for a year.

At the first time I stepped into this academy, I can feel the warm welcoming atmosphere.  The place is very clean and people there are very nice.   I would say it’s a great school for all ages. The academy provides wide range of dancing class from ballroom, Latin to modern dance. The staffs are really nice and helpful. The instructors are high caliber and professional dancers who are awarded from many international competitions.  After taking class with my talented instructor for a few months, it’s not only dancing capability I get but also the good progress in term of health and personality.

To sum up, you don’t’ need to or wish to be the professional dancer but just want to dance or learn the new thing or even just to have work out. I would recommend you to join BIDA.


BIDA – Thanks very much for drilling us with the fundamentals of Latin ballroom dancing. We must say we always have a good time writing notes of the information– a practice that benefits us in many aspects of our lives - and never forgetting “Aware, aware and aware!” Enriching, informative and most importantly useful, plenty of information to take away and practice back in Singapore.

~ Ange & Bao ~

If you want memorable and meaningful dancing that works for you – where we know you will get theresults – BIDA is the place.