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Julieta Biscione & Roberto Castillo

Roberto began studying tango when he was 12 years old. In 2004 he was graduated at Academaia de Estilos de Tango Argentino where most of the tango dancers of the current generation where trained by the most important and tradicionals Milongueros and Choreographers like: Carlos Gavito, Pupi Castello, Gerardo Portalea, Jorge Dispari, Milena Plebs, Pablo Veron, Corina and Julio Balmaceda, among others.

In 2003, 2004 and 2005 he got the 3rd position in The Tango championship in Buenos Aires.Julieta began studying tango when she was 15 years old, complementing her training with Classical Ballet, Contemporary dance and Modern Jazz by very Important teachers like: Raquel Rossetti, Noemi Coelho and Manuel Vallejos.They started dancing together from 2005, developed their Tango from some of the top teachers and choreographers of Tango Argentino, including Carlos Rivarola, Carlos and Rosa Peréz, Eduardo Pareja and Elina Roldán, Leonardo Cuello, Toto Faraldo and Gustavo Naveira, among others. They were members of the EV Tango Company, Leonardo Cuello Company.  Currently they integrate the “No Bailaras Company” and “Tango Desire Company”.

In Buenos Aires they were part of the Tango shows like: ”Sin Pecado Concebido”, “Forbidden Tango”, ”Grotesca Pasión Trasnochada”,”Vamos al Tango”, “Magia tango y Vino” “Tanguera”, “Tango Emosion”, “Fueye”, “Complejo tango”, “Piazzolla Tango”, “Café de los Angelitos”, “Gala Tango”, “Chiquín Tango”, “Madero Tango”

They have been presented at most important theatres and Tango festivals in countries like:  Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Brunei, Shout Korea, China, Philippines, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, England, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and United States.They have danced with the Orchestras of  “Ramiro Gallo”, “De la ciudad de Buenos Aires”, “Vale Tango”, “El Arranque”, “Ultratango”, “Escuela de Tango”, “Fernandez Fierro”. Among others.